Andem Chronicles

The Past Points to the Future

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Early Morning, Starday, the 1st of Needfest, Andem 1301
(Winter, light ground snow)

A daring kobold sneaks upon a resting elf. Holding an awkward interaction, the kobold delivers a rolled leather note to the elf. This female elf unrolls and reads her gift. Before she can lower the scroll, the kobold departs swiftly before a swatting or worse can be laid upon it’s head.

Kenna, the elf maiden, parts from her home woodlands, traveling Northeast along Farnell Way towards the city of Burwood.

A mere hour into her travels, a bandit approaches Kenna from ahead, presumably to demand her coin.

Kenna utters an incantation to change her appearance into a heavyset, old human woman.

Not to be dismayed, the bandit draws his blade against Kenna, who moves swiftly against the bandit. She shocks the bandit with a palm touch. Electricity sparking across his chest, up and down his sword, as he falters and drops to the earthen road.

Kenna removes the bandit’s belongings as payment for the violent intrusion. She carries herself on her way towards Burwood without incident over the next half day.

With sunset approaching, Kenna chooses to start resting along the side of the road.

-Orrellious Fitschel, Bard of Greyhode Tower



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