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I should preface this story with requisite information, so one, being yourself, I mean I hope you are yourself otherwise you have a few troubles and should seek a cleric expeditiously, but I digress. So one may understand the danger facing these lands. Or having failed the desired goal, may at the very least look back upon this scroll and wonder whom told all these fabulous tales.

In 1257, these lands grew weary under the leadership of men. Reflectively stated as our Golden Times, prior happiness has been cast aside for squabbling politicians. Each of whom which ignored prophesies declaring the rise of power so named the Dire Darkness to the West Lands. Mayhaps the elves or dwarven races know more, but I fear there are few on communicating terms with men today.

The ork tribes from the Lands of Noman marched against the west to the Great River Odan. Fellow bards scoff at the estimations of fifty million greenbacks fusing such an alliance within the deserts.

By 1259 the Noman orkish tribes have burned the whole of Morellian Forest, driving the surviving elves into retreat for the Farnel Woods.

1273 saw the removal of the dwarven races from our lands for the defence of Mount Syra.

The Dark War began 1274.

The far Eastern cities of Irk, Drub and Morlek fall to the hands of orks, 1275. Gor, Urk and the Noman Kingdom follow suit in 1276. Ik, Gark, Gorf and Targ fail by 1278. 1290 sees the destruction of Sukk. Grumba does not last beyond 1291. The orkish tribes construct what has become known as the Factory by 1292. Flowing in the central desert, the city of Dis is discovered, 1292. The Sinking and Gik roads are built in 1293. 1294 begins the Slaveway Pass into the Eastern deserts.

1295 brings the First War of Man. Atreu falls, 1296, following closely with Arthek, 1298. Aix Bridge becomes a point of interest. In 1299, Odai falls, ending the First War of Man.

Between 1290 to 1301, the Great Wall is built, blocking central movement between the new Noman tribe-lords and Andem Kingdom.

Skirmishes of 1301 stretch into the Battle for the Great Pass through 1314.

-Orrellious Fitschel, Bard of Greyhode Tower

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